Lice were a major issue for the people living in the Greater London area. The impact of lice was extensively documented by the Medical Officers of Health from 1848-1972. Lice infestations presented major health concerns for all individuals that encountered them. This web page focuses on the different types of lice (Head and Body Lice), where they proved to be most prevalent (Lice in Boroughs: Westminster, Hammersmith, and Greenwich), how they affected adults and children (Lice in Adults and Children), the treatment options available for affected individuals (Delousing People), the different forms of disinfection used to eradicate lice (Disinfection Methods and Lyon’s Patent Steam Disinfector), and the diseases that could result from exposure to lice (Lice and Disease). Click on the links to learn more about lice and their impact on Londoners in the 19th and 20th centuries.
Featured image: The most famous photo of Charles Nicolle, French scientist who demonstrated that lice can transmit typhus. Wikimedia Commons.

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