Children in workhouses

Children, Crumpsall Workhouse, ca. 1897. Manchester Archives

The most vulnerable population was also the population which comprised nearly a third of the workhouse paupers.  Did these children enter willingly or unwillingly?  Were they accompanied by families or abandoned as infants?  What were conditions in the workhouse like for these young boys and girls?  Did they ever leave, and if so, for what reasons?  How did public health officials justify this upbringing for a group too young to protest?  What laws were passed to improve their lot, and how were these laws implemented?  How and why did workhouse children get sent to foundling hospitals?  Find out everything you’ve always wanted to know about workhouse children in the following pages below:

Statistics on Children in the Workhouse

How Did 18th Century Theories of Childcare Rationalize Placing Children in Workhouses?

Philanthropic Interest in Child Paupers

Children in Foundling Hospitals

Education of Children in Workhouses

Decline of Child Labor